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TradeManager is a simple and convenient utility for replicating orders from the Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation (TWS) platform to other platforms.
The program will become an indispensable tool for professional financial managers as well as for private traders that trade on several customer accounts.
There is no need on placing the same order on different platforms anymore – the TradeManager program will replicate the order according to the given Allocation.

The key possibilities of the program:

- Order replication (their setting, modification, cancellation)
- Working with unlimited amount of platforms
- Building of Allocation profiles and convenient management thereof
- Confirmation of the order replication before placement

TradeManager works with all types of TWS orders including combined orders from OptionTrader or StrategyBuilder. The program uses safe connection through TWS API. Everything needed to start the process is to turn on ActiveX/Socket support for every TWS terminal and set the number of the port.

The Allocation module allows:

The Allocation module allows setting the amount of contracts that will be billed on every account in regard of master-account in advance. All that will need to be done afterward is to choose the Allocation before placing the order.

- Uploading lists of available accounts automatically
- Creating and editing Allocation profiles quickly
- Replicating/deleting Allocation with one click
- Working with an unlimited amount of Allocation profiles

The program replicates only those orders that have been set directly from the working station that the program is running from. Therefore, a several traders can work on the same account without risking that another’s order will be replicated.

System requirements:

Windows operating system 7 (32/64) and higher
Microsoft NET Framework 4.6 and higher

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