TradeManager = OrderReplicator

Specified connection settings in the Trade Manager program,

As well as created copy profiles in the Elacation module.

- We are ready to go over to replicating orders.

Please note,

That the order is supposed to be displayed on a master-account that we have specified in the corresponding elacation

If you choose the «Elacation strategy 1», then the order needs to be displayed on a master-account,

Meaning the account number is 71 and the terminal number is 1.

For that, open terminal number 1

And choose account number 71

Then try to place an order for purchasing euro-usd.

Create a limit order

Purchase – 20 000 euros

For the limit price on 11.17.10

Please note,

You need to tick the «request copy confirmation» in the box .

This is very important.

To make sure you have chosen the correct elacation while placing the order:

Place an order

The confirmation should appear

Make sure once again that «Strategy 1» is the one elacation needed

Agree to confirm.

Then you will see that the requests have appeared in terminal number 1, as well as terminal number 2 and 3.

In proportion that has been given in the elacation according to the master-account

You can change the order if needed.

You’ll see that previous orders have been cancelled,

New orders have appeared. With the new price limit.

Analogically, you are able to revoke the order on a master-account,

And the last mentioned order will be cancelled on all of the accounts, in every platform.

This is how replicating orders works using the Trade Manager program

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