Total Trade Manager is a simple and convenient utility for copying orders from one Interactive Brokers TWS

The program will become an indispensable tool for both professional financial managers and private traders trading on multiple client accounts.

It is no longer a necessary to place the same order on different platforms one by one - Tool TradeManager will copy the order itself according to the specified Allocation.

The program copies not only the order placement, but also its change or cancellation. Correct the price, quantity, order type - the program will perform similar actions on all accounts at the same time.Manage orders on multiple accounts as easily as if you were trading on one!

Select the desired Allocation profile from a preconfigured list, to put order on a new account group. Trade different strategies without remembering how many contracts and on what account you need to place it!

The program works with an unlimited number of terminals, and the connection of the new terminal doesn’t take more than a minute

The Allocation module allows you to quickly create a new profile from the accounts connected to the program. Easily change the list by adding or removing accounts.Set the number of contracts for each account.

Do not forget to select the master account from which transactions will be copied to other accounts. You can choose any account.

Create new Allocation profiles with different set of accounts and number of contracts. All changes are saved instantly.

Evaluate all the advantages of Total Trade Manager-download the demo version of the program and check how it copying orders works in real conditions.

We are sure you will no longer want to trade on different accounts without Too All Trade Manager!

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